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Author: Hans Christian Andersen

[Life lessons] Sympathy vs. empathy

Life lessons: Sympathy vs. empathy And now, a blog post of a more personal nature… As a person with Asperger’s syndrome, I’ve been told that one of my main problems was with empathy, or rather my lack of it. And if you’re just a tiny bit like me, there’s a high chance you’ve heard that nonsense too. It’s a common misconception, even on some planes of the spectrum. As a person with Asperger’s, or maybe…

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[Essay] The Gospel of Lucas: in defense of George’s Star Wars

The Gospel of Lucas: in defense of George’s Star Wars Ah, the art of apologetics. “A long time ago in Modesto, California” To begin with the beginning: in the post-war American optimism of the 1950s George Lucas grew up in Modesto. A somewhat shy, geeky kid he liked the solitude in the manual labour of the handicraft of woodworking. Later on in his teenage years he also liked to tinker with cars and dreamt of…

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[Essay] Dylan: the Nobel thing to do

Dylan: the Nobel thing do An essay regarding Bob Dylan being recently awarded the Nobel prize in literature. And whether he really wants that. Sir Bob has won the Nobel prize in Literature. Or has he? Some see the appointing of Bob Dylan as the 2016 laurate of this historically prestigious, if not culturally significant award as a contrarian, almost hip move made by the committee of the Swedish Academy. To my knowledge Mr. Zimmerman…

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[Album review] Kraftwerk: The Man-Machine (1978)

Kraftwerk: The Man-Machine Kling Klang, 1978. Genres: electronic, synthpop, krautrock. (Note: many of Kraftwerk’s albums have been released in dual editions; one for their native German market and another for the global, mostly English-speaking populace. While I – by habit of accustomization – refer to the album and songs by their translated English titles and lyrics, the review of course also matches the original German edition.) In 1978 The Man-Machine was released by the German band…

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