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“Revol” is, besides being ‘lover’ spelled backwards, a song from dystopian 1994 album The Holy Bible by Manic Street Preachers, a Welsh band I like very much. One day I will write a blog post about why that is.
In ancient times the domain name might have hinted at the wish to create a fansite for this band. But execution didn’t match ambition, the attempt was futile and in fairness probably part of a momentary teenaged fit. Basically this great band shouldn’t be tained with a half-arsed effort of appraisal and acclamation and the site then lay dormant for some time.

But in the end, it was too good a website name to waste. Which brings us to…

Mission statement

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.”

According to the internet (which is always right), Goethe (who is almost always right) said the above sometime during his life. Although he probably said it in German. Whatever the language it’s a good rule, because these are the actions that counter the irregular stillness and the boredom that might just crop up on us in addition to life’s ever growing list of obligations to work, to social environments, to the ordinary and so on.
(On the other hand: yay for regular stillness. This kind of boredom – the one that you choose and which is not forced onto you – can be quite spurring creatively.)

So, to sum up – music, words, visuals; stimulating or in other ways provoking – these are the drugs that ground us, make us think. This in turn calms us and these spans of calm keep us sane.

Not everybody need the same medicine though, and so this blog will hopefully – like all blogs should – prove to be subjective and personal.
The reason is of course that so are the various arts and pieces of art that affect me. As evident, some affect me enough to write this.

In time the blog will in all probability turn into a fuller, if not to say more regular website.
One day it will in addition to my reviews and essays also be a catalogue and archive of my own music, poems, etc.

Until then I hope I spoke a few reasonable words.


— Hans Christian